• Saint Minerals Refillable Eyeshadow Palette


    Craft your personalised eyeshadow palette with your preferred shades.

    This adaptable case provides a secure and magnetic base for our Pressed Eyeshadows.

  • Saint Minerals All Over Eye Colour Brush


    SAINT MINERALS® All Over Eye Colour Brush is a versatile tool for effortless eyeshadow application. With its soft, rounded bristles, it evenly sweeps + blends eyeshadow across the eyelids, making it perfect for creating a seamless + polished eye look. An essential brush for achieving a beautifully blended + coordinated eye colour.

    This brush seamlessly applies layers + blends liquid, cream + powder eyeshadows.

    The dense bristles of this brush allow it to pick up the perfect amount of eyeshadow, while the curved tip of the brush can be used for precise application, especially in the crease of the eye + along the lash line.

    Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

  • Saint Minerals Blending Crease Brush


    With its tapered + fluffy bristles, our SAINT MINERALS® Blending Crease Brush is designed for seamless blending in the crease of your eyelids. Ideal for creating soft transitions between eyeshadow shades + achieving a professional, well-blended finish. Perfect for adding depth + dimension to your eye makeup.

    Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

  • Saint Minerals Precision Smudge Brush


    The SAINT MINERALS® Precision Smudge Brush is expertly designed for detailed + controlled eyeshadow application. Its small, tapered shape allows for precise smudging, making it ideal for creating sultry + defined eye looks. Perfect for achieving a professional finish with ease.

    This brush can be used to blend eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, smudge eyeliner along the lash line, or apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.

    Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

  • Saint Minerals Makeup Brush Set


    Introducing our SAINT MINERALS® Brush Set, a curated assortment of our most cherished brushes, neatly packaged in our Neoprene Bag, complete with a bonus Cleansing Mitt.

    RRP value of $297

    All of our brushes are made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

  • BFF Pack – Loose Mineral Foundation


    Included in this package is our Saint Minerals Loose Mineral Powder, meticulously triple-milled to create an ultra-fine texture that imparts a satin-like, creamy appearance. With its buildable formula, it offers a flawless finish that enhances your natural beauty. To complement this exceptional powder, we’ve included our signature Kabuki Brush, which is not only cruelty-free but…

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  • Neoprene Cosmetic Bag


    Ideal for both storing cosmetics and toiletries, the Cosmetic Bag is designed with a washable + durable construction, ensuring it can withstand any accidental makeup spills + serve as your ultimate saviour.

  • Saint Minerals Pencil Sharpener


    Ensure your Saint Minerals Eye-Liner Pencils are kept in perfect condition + achieve precise lines when applying with our bespoke sharpener.

    For the best application results, always keep your Eye + Lip pencils sharp.

    NB. Saint Mineral Eye Liner Pencil sold separately.

  • Saint Minerals Kabuki Brush


    Discover the Saint Minerals® Kabuki Brush, your go-to tool for achieving a flawless application of Loose Mineral Powder or a radiant sun-kissed look.

    This cruelty-free + vegan-friendly brush features a conveniently-sized stem + a large, dome-shaped, synthetic head. With this brush, you can effortlessly swirl, warm up the loose minerals, + gently buff them onto your skin. Gain maximum control as you buff and build in circular movements, creating your desired level of air-brush quality coverage. The soft and wide head is perfect for dusting a year-round Summer glow across your temples, cheeks, neck, + décolletage.

    The Saint Minerals® Kabuki Brush is a must-have item in your beauty kit, suitable for use with Loose Mineral Powder, Pressed Powder Foundation, Highlighter, and Bronzer. Experience the difference of this exceptional brush + achieve a flawless finish every time.

  • Saint Minerals Buffer Brush


    Introducing the Saint Minerals® Buffer Brush, a versatile tool crafted from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

    This brush is perfect for applying all types of loose powders + liquid products with ease + precision. Experience a seamless + flawless makeup application with the Saint Minerals® Buffer Brush, knowing that it aligns with ethical + cruelty-free practices.

  • Saint Minerals Foundation Brush


    Achieve a flawless complexion with the Saint Minerals Foundation Brush. This cruelty-free + vegan-friendly brush features soft synthetic hairs + a sleek, tapered edge for precise application.

    Easily build, blend, + control your foundation with this expertly designed brush. Simply apply a small amount of Saint Minerals Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand, sweep the brush across the foundation, + apply in downward strokes for a perfectly flawless result every time.

  • Saint Minerals Domed Powder Brush


    This brush is best to use with the new Mineral Veil as it has very soft bristles
    designed to evenly disperse loose or pressed powders.

    Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.

  • Saint Minerals Angled Contour Brush


    The Saint Minerals® Angled Contour Brush is designed for precise application of powders like blush or bronzer, allowing you to create even + flawless contours on your cheekbones. It pairs perfectly with the new Saint Minerals® Pressed Matte Bronzer + is made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres for a luxurious feel.

  • Saint Minerals Detail Highlighter Brush


    Introducing the Saint Minerals® Detail Highlighter Brush, a must-have tool for achieving precise + flawless application of powder highlighter.

    This soft-pointed brush is designed to deliver accurate placement of product, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your features with a radiant glow. Best used in combination with the new Saint Minerals® Pressed Highlighter, this brush ensures optimal results every time. Crafted from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres, it offers a luxurious feel while aligning with ethical + cruelty-free practices.

  • Saint Minerals Brow Brush


    The Saint Minerals Brow Brush is a dual-ended tool that helps you achieve perfectly groomed brows + create sultry eye looks. Its stiff, angled end blends our Saint Minerals Brow Butter effortlessly, while the spoolie tames + grooms your brows. With precision + control, this vegan-friendly brush delivers polished results every time.

  • Saint Minerals Long Stem Kabuki Brush


    Introducing the Saint Minerals Long Stem Kabuki Brush, the essential tool for flawless Loose Mineral Powder application or a radiant sun-kissed look.

    Its large, perfectly-proportioned head allows for easy swirling + buffing, giving you maximum control + airbrush-quality coverage. Ideal for Loose Mineral Powder, Pressed Powder Foundation, Highlighter, + Bronzer. Elevate your makeup routine with this cruelty-free, vegan-friendly brush.

  • Saint Minerals Cleansing Mitt


    The Saint Minerals® Cleansing Mitt is a gentle + effective tool for removing makeup, oil, dead cells, + product residue from the skin. With its soft texture, it delicately lifts away impurities, leaving your skin clean + clear.

    This mitt is not only washable but also reusable, making it a sustainable + eco-friendly choice for your skincare routine. Say goodbye to disposable wipes + hello to a convenient + environmentally conscious way of cleansing your skin.

  • Saint Minerals Brush Cleanser


    Keep your Saint Minerals brushes in pristine condition with our all-natural Saint Minerals Brush Cleanser. It’s alcohol-free + quickly removes makeup residue between uses.

    Size: 50g