• Saint Minerals BB Cream


    A lightweight mineral-based BB cream that helps rehydrate and moisturise your skin, with a light to medium coverage.

    Offering UVA+B protection, as well as being packed full of soothing antioxidants botanicals + essential oils, the Saint Minerals® BB Cream is free from fillers, chemical preservatives and is vegan-friendly.

    Size: 30g
    Skin Types: All.

  • Saint Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation


    Saint Minerals® Loose Mineral Foundation builds from light to full coverage, offering a flawless finish for all skin types.

    The Saint Minerals® Loose Mineral Foundation is a triple-milled, super-fine mineral foundation that provides a satin, creamy, buildable + flawless finish.

    Offering UVA+B protection, conceal + protect, layered coverage + as a spot-treatment concealer.

    Size: 8g

  • Saint Minerals Liquid Mineral Foundation


    The Saint Minerals® Liquid Mineral Foundation provides a creamy, hydrating, long-lasting + full-coverage base, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe.

    Our Liquid Mineral Foundation also offers UVA+B protection, + is suitable for all skin-types, ages + concerns.

    Saint Minerals® Liquid Mineral Foundation assists in healing, protecting + flawlessly concealing. From fine lines + wrinkles to conditions like Rosacea + Acne, this liquid mineral foundation offers a transformative experience, which addresses your specific skin concerns.

    Size: 27g

  • Saint Minerals All-Over Highlighter


    Introducing the Saint Minerals® All-Over Highlighter, a true multitasker for a flawless sheen. Its iridescent mineral particles create a lightweight glow for cheeks, temples, nose, + eyes.

    This universal shade suits all skin types + tones. Mix with our Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer for contouring or our Saint Minerals® Natural Oil Primer for a liquid highlighter.

    Skin Types: All

    Size: 7g

  • Saint Minerals All-Over Bronzer


    Introducing the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer, your key to achieving a radiant + healthy glow throughout the year. This highly pigmented loose bronzer powder is designed to suit all skin types + tones, offering a universal shade that enhances your natural beauty.

    Experience the versatility of our Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer with endless application possibilities. Apply it alone for a luminous glow that brings warmth to your complexion. For a subtle, copper hue, blend it onto your eyelids. Create a defined + contoured photo-finish by using it in combination with our Saint Minerals® All-Over Mineral Highlighter.

    Take your bronzing game to the next level by mixing the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer with your favourite body moisturiser or our Natural Oil Primer. This allows you to create a silky and smooth liquid bronzer that can be used on both the face + body. Achieve a sun-kissed look that exudes radiance and confidence.

    Suitable for all skin types, the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer is your go-to product for a natural + glowing complexion. Embrace the beauty of a universal shade that enhances your features + offers endless possibilities for application. Elevate your makeup routine + let your inner glow shine through with this long-lasting + highly pigmented bronzer powder.

    Skin Types: All

    Size: 7g

  • Saint Minerals Loose Blush – Rose Glow


    Discover the Saint Minerals® Loose Blush, designed to give your cheeks a fresh + radiant look.

    With its soft pink, rose glow, this blush provides a natural flush that enhances your complexion. Suitable for fair, medium, olive, + dark skin tones, it offers a complimentary hue for a variety of complexions.

    Achieve a fresh + vibrant cheek look with the Saint Minerals® Loose Blush.

    Size: 7g

  • Saint Minerals Concealers


    Discover the transformative power of Saint Minerals® Concealers. Our ultra-hydrating Peptide Cream Concealer offers a lightweight + luxurious texture that effortlessly hides discolouration, dark circles, pigmentation, + blemishes. With its long-lasting + highly pigmented formulation, this concealer ensures a flawless complexion that lasts all day. It is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores, + it doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines around the delicate eye area. Enriched with Pumpkin Seed Extract, it also promotes collagen + fibrillin production, helping to improve the texture, tone, + appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Experience the confidence of a flawless complexion with Saint Minerals® Concealers.

    Size: 3.5g

  • Saint Minerals Kabuki Brush


    Discover the Saint Minerals® Kabuki Brush, your go-to tool for achieving a flawless application of Loose Mineral Powder or a radiant sun-kissed look.

    This cruelty-free + vegan-friendly brush features a conveniently-sized stem + a large, dome-shaped, synthetic head. With this brush, you can effortlessly swirl, warm up the loose minerals, + gently buff them onto your skin. Gain maximum control as you buff and build in circular movements, creating your desired level of air-brush quality coverage. The soft and wide head is perfect for dusting a year-round Summer glow across your temples, cheeks, neck, + décolletage.

    The Saint Minerals® Kabuki Brush is a must-have item in your beauty kit, suitable for use with Loose Mineral Powder, Pressed Powder Foundation, Highlighter, and Bronzer. Experience the difference of this exceptional brush + achieve a flawless finish every time.

  • Saint Minerals Foundation Brush


    Achieve a flawless complexion with the Saint Minerals Foundation Brush. This cruelty-free + vegan-friendly brush features soft synthetic hairs + a sleek, tapered edge for precise application.

    Easily build, blend, + control your foundation with this expertly designed brush. Simply apply a small amount of Saint Minerals Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand, sweep the brush across the foundation, + apply in downward strokes for a perfectly flawless result every time.