Saint Minerals Pressed Eyeshadow

We understand the significance of healthy, radiant skin. That’s why these eyeshadows are crafted with a carefully selected blend of exceptional ingredients. Each shadow is infused with Australian Jojoba Esters and Vitamin E. These ingredients hydrate and soften your skin while ensuring comfort and a lightweight feel


  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 01 An exquisite matte shade, reminiscent of a soft nude mushroom brown, making it an exceptional choice as a base colour.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 02 Matte brown infused with golden undertones.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 03 A gentle khaki shimmer touched by a cool mocha undertone.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 04 A nude matte shade that exudes softness and gentleness, accentuated by a subtle hint of pink, making it effortlessly wearable.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 05 A delightful combination of rosy hues, a touch of gold, and a subtle dash of brown, creating a universally charming rose gold lustre shimmer.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 06 Matte plum shade with delicate pink undertones.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 07 Matte pale shade, earthy coral.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 08 Matte coral shade that draws inspiration from the beauty of nature.
  • PRESSED EYESHADOW 09 A shimmering coppery shade fit for a golden goddess, ideal for adding glamour to any occasion.