Advanced Dermal Facials

Dermasweep Facial

Dermasweep Facial  $245


DermaSweep is your skin’s ultimate fitness regime, it improves micro-circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. The dermasweep works to effectively exfoliate the skin increasing health and boosting collagen. Strong enough to treat fine lines and deeper wrinkles, skin laxity, mild acne scarring, yet gentle
enough to treat sensitive skin concerns like Rosacea, blemishes, and the delicate eye area.
Results are visible after just one treatment!!

NANOfusion Facial

NANOfusion Facial – $255
Advanced NANOfusion Facial – $340

Elementals Nanofusion amplifies skin rejuvenation by inducing fibroblast stimulation collagen synthesis and skin healing whilst targeting Fine lines, wrinkles, melasma, balancing acne and acne scaring. Utilising 81 patented, microscopic silicone pyramids open nanoscale channels in the skin increasing the penetration and absorption rate of ingredients, delivering them into your skin cells for optimal skin rejuvenation.
Includes a replenishing sheet mask to maximise cell hydration, repair and glowing bright skin.

Advanced NANOfusion Facial
Includes Renew Hydrating & refining Peel as well as quenching Collagen Mask for Maximum results

Skin Needling with Dermapen


Skin needling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy, is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps you build collagen & elastin through a natural healing process or wound response. Ultra fine, medical grade needles attached to a cylindrical disposable attachment create multiple skin punctures that induce a wound healing response that stimulates new collagen & elastin production. New collagen & elastin improve skin quality and texture, making the skin feel firmer & smoother & help repair acne scars, pore size & fine wrinkles. Skin needling also helps repair stretch marks & surgical scars. Most importantly skin needling involves minimal downtime & is therefore the perfect alternative for those who don’t have time for more intensive peeling treatments. Once initiated, new collagen production can continue for up to 12 months, resulting in an improvement in LONG TERM skin HEALTH. Includes a collagen sheet mask for added hydration and cell renewal.



Level 1 $195 | Level 2 $220 | Level 3 $240 | Level 4 $270

PIGMENTATION – designed to treat all forms of pigmentation, INCLUDING stubborn Melasma. Utilising advanced brightening technology to lighten and brighten the skin, improving the all over appearance of all pigmented skins.

ACNE & CONGESTION – to correct & balance the skin whilst working on reducing inflamed acne, congestion, blackheads and open pores often associated with Acne. Carefully selected ingredients are designed to treat the bacteria that keep Acne present and the inflammation to is often present in acneic skin conditions.

ANTI-AGEING – we work to restore the skin to its youthful glow, helping to create more volume in the skin whilst targeting the fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

ROSACEA – THIS treatments are created to strengthen the skin’s immunity & reduce inflammation whilst repairing & rebuilding the skins barrier to function at its optimal level.

*MUST BE ON CORE 4 Products to be able to have LEVEL 2 Peel and above

Carbon LASER Facial


The Carbon Laser Peel, also known as the ‘China Doll Peel’ (named for its porcelain doll like finish to the skin), is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that utilises the power of laser energy. The gentleness of carbon treats skin imperfections on the face regenerating the skin, and reducing the appearance of uneven colour and texture. The skin immediately becomes visibly clearer and more refined in texture. This power packed advanced skin treatment boasts zero downtime and is the ultimate boost before a special event.

ULTRAfusion Facial

From  $160

ULTRAFUSION® is a revolutionary 10MHz ultrasound device designed for innovative, professional skin care treatment to
reduce wrinkles and acne. ULTRAFUSION® Ultrasound technology delivers unparalled skin restructuring and correction. This treatment will increase firmness and elasticity in the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin, but it is also able to treat sensitivity and inflammation in the skin as well. So incredibly
relaxing and the perfect addition to any treatment. Best results are seen with 1-2 treatments per week for 6 weeks consecutively, though results are seen immediately after each, treatment.

Advanced ULTRAfusion Facial | $305
Includes Renew Hydrating & refining Peel as well as quenching Collagen Mask for Maximum results
+ add NANOfusion | $80