DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials

REMOVE, REMOVE, REBUILD, PROCTECT and MAINTAIN is the DMK concept and the essence of beautiful, radiant and resilient skin.

This treatment helps to ensure structural integrity of the skin is stronger at a cellular level to help the skin function properly on its own. It is the ultimate treatment to enhance optimal skin function by working with internal systems to increase circulation, true oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. This treatment creates reverse osmosis in the cells, which flushes through the skin cells helping to clear toxins & free radicals as well as plumping skin & promoting deep hydration and LONG TERM skin health. Visible oxygenation or homeostasis is visible when it has been achieved, at the end of the treatment through the famous plasmatic effect.

  LEVEL 1 Enzyme Therapy $190
LEVEL 2 Enzyme Therapy $220
LEVEL 3 Enzyme Therapy $260
LEVEL 4 Enzyme Therapy from $310

DMK Alkaline Wash

  from $50 to $260

This unique formula softens, swells & dissolves, it does not discriminate what dead protein that it affects, which makes it and extremely effective unwanted hair removal treatment for face & body hair. It is especially good for excessive facial hair. Also great for backs of arms that present with rough & uneven texture combined with enzyme therapy on the body.