Facials – Glowing

Vita Brite GLOW

  with LED $175

This unique all seasons treatment features a blend of elite vitamin C, mandelic, multiple amino acids & brightening ingredients to optimise results with minimal downtime with use of healing minerals, botanical extracts and plant stem cells for cellular repair. This treatment intensely lightens, tightens and hydrates skin with no down time.

Pumpkin Plus GLOW

with LED $175

Renew & refresh dull skin, this anti-aging treatment is suitable for all skin types. Packed with antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, retinol & skin healing vitamins & minerals, this treatment leaves skin glowing & revitalised

Facial Skin Workouts  

    Level 1 $140 / Level 2 $160 / Level 3 $190 / Level 4 $220


Designed to treat all forms of skin conditions pigmentation to lighten & brighten the skin using advanced brightening technology. Improving the all over appearance of all types of pigmentation, for brighter & healthier hydrated skin

Acne & congestion, to correct & balance the skin whilst working on reducing congestion blackheads, open pores & inflammation often associated with Acne. Carefully selected ingredients are designed to treat the bacteria that keep Acne present.

Anti-Aging we work to restore the skin to its youthful glow helping to create more volume in the skin whilst targeting the fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation.

Rosacea treatments created to strengthen the skin’s immunity & reduce inflammation whilst repairing & rebuilding the skins barrier to function at its optimal level.

Level 1 $140 / Level 2 $160 / Level 3 $190 /Level 4 $220